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need help to know what i'm doing wrong


this is my first post on this forum , so , hello everybody !

I have my creatr Dual since 2 days now, and there is something i can't understand.

even i choose PLA or ABS , with medium or High quality , all the face which look down are wrong and noisy and like wavelet.

It's the under red zone of my picture.

I'm using The last release of Simplify 3D

thanks for your kindness

Please try and shut off the heating for bed after the 1st few layers when using PLA or don't heat it at all, with ABS won't work because the object will come off the bed if the bed is not warm enough.

That issue is related to the fact that the object is very small and the temp around the object is high all the time and the filament doesn't have time to cool down and the layers are pressed into each other. 

Thanks You , i wil try.

An other issue i have is that my planar surfaces have some hole ( in the black parts of the object in the picture )

and my obects aren't verticales but are leaning , tilted, i don't know the correct word to use in this case .

This may be due to a known bug in Simplify 3D. Try this:

In the Simplify 3D process, on the gcode tab, turn off "allow zeroing of extrusion distances (i.e. G92 E0).

thanks you, that's a fast answer, i appreciate :)

I will try a new print of this bicolor object without heated bed and with this Gcode checkbox disabled .

I'm back soon to let you know .

The solution Robert was talking about is for solving the leaning issue only.

Ok, and did you know how to proceed to not have the holes in the black surface ?

Do i need to put my Black extrusion hotter ? slower ? or any other paramater i didn't know at this time ?

I am not sure i can see which holes are you referring too. Could you be more specific please?

Maybe there are more visible in this picture, i add some red strokes.

got it, thank you for the photo.

you should consider raising the infill percentage and the number of the top solid layers. maybe a slower printing speed but this last one is optional. 

Ok, so,

I will start a new print with :

  1. Bed heater off
  2. Unchecking the gcode G92E0
  3. Raising the top layer from 4 to 6
  4. Raising the infill percentage from 30% to 50%

thanks for your helps, i 'm back soon to let all you know.

My fisrt layer not staying sticky to the bed without heating it. 

I try with 60° but it's not ok, i will try with 70°.

My previous test with 80° make the object too difficult to unstick from the bed after printing .

so, i just keep this parameter at this time

  1. Unchecking the gcode G92E0
  2. Raising the top layer from 4 to 6
  3. Raising the infill percentage from 30% to 50%

Now it's impossible to print anything.

All the PLA is glued to the head of the extrudeur. nothing is on the bed, the Z level seems good !

looks like i need the Gcode G92E0 enabled ... but it's leaning .. 

the filament sticks to the nozzle probably because the temp is too low for the extrusion, please raise the extruder temp by 10 C.

Another possible reason is that the offset in between the tip of the nozzle and the bed is too much. Which software are you using to generate the code with?

I'm using Simplify3D 2.1.1

I've done 2 test this night.

the Black PLA at 215° 

Primary layer 0,1000 mm

Top solid layer 6

Interior fill 20%

the white at 190° 

Primary layer 0,1000 mm

Top solid layer 6

Interior fill 30%

the bed 50°

with "allow zeroing of extrusion distances (i.e. G92 E0). " ON :

i have my object whithout holes now ! i thinks the temperature is the good one ( 215° , but the black is now shinny instead of mat )

But it's stay leaning

with "allow zeroing of extrusion distances (i.e. G92 E0). "

I have only some first layer of white, after i do'nt know what happen, the white is'nt sty stichy, .. it's not working at all .

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