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Y axis motor shaft broken


One of our printer Y axis motor shaft just cut in half. It's obvious that the motor shaft is undersized for the task. We just did 4 rolls of filament and it failed. As I see it is not the first time that it happen.

The quality of the motor is very disappointing. 

We want a complete replacement of the motors (yes all of them) with better quality ones. I built myself a printer at home and I know that it doesn't cost a lot more for better quality. For the price we paid, we deserve better quality parts.

Our company is losting a lot of time and money with that simple mechanical flaw. You should do a recall.

We are hoping for a quick response and fast parts shipping.

I also want to add that the pulley on the broken motor have one of the side that is bent near the set screw. Seems to me that it has been done in the assembly process. I don't think there is a link with the broken shaft but I need you to send me one replacement pulley too.


You should create a ticket and report directly to Leapfrog.
I am not sure, if they are browsing this forum, since it is a community forum for general questions and minor troubleshooting. Your problem seems to be really serious.
I also have several troubles with my printer and they usually answer within two or three days, sometimes even sooner.

Best regards

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