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Filament flow problem trough extruder

We are having problems with the feed trough the extruder.

When in manual with the settings of 210 degrees and 100mm/s for purge it feeds good. Even increasing speed and lowering the temp is no problem.

When we start a printjob the first layers are going well. But it runs on 30% of it's Original speed.

Then the problems start, the feed sometimes does not go and looks like that the transport wheel can not push the filament trough the nozzle. When we go to manual it works and there is no problem.

We have tryed everthing, we also received a new printer from Leapfrog but again the same problem.

The problem is random. Even if the x and y axis are not both moving it happens. Also in straight movements where speed and feed is constant. Only not when it is printing support. But that is because te speed is lower.

We had a single before using the exact same software, same G code for the job but with the new printers it is unpossible for us to get it running without gaps.

Does anyone recognize this?

We use the repetier -host and slice3R version 1.1.7 the latest.

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The extruders on these printers are touchy because the distance between the hob gear and idler bearing is fixed.

If the filament diameter varies in the roll it can slip.

Near the end of a roll of filament, the smaller radius that is set in the filament can make it harder to pull through the feed tube and it an slip. (I have an old roll of PLA that has gotten so stiff and it will only work if I feed it in directly.)

Try putting the roll of filament on top of the printer and feeding it directly in to see if it helps.

You can also try re-adjusting the distance between the hob gear and idler bearing. Instructions are in the owners' manual.

The gaps I see could potentially also be caused by the slicing software. (ex: coasting distance is too large.) Try using the default profile to see if they go away.

If it seems to be caused by the extruder slipping, many people (myself included) have modified the extruder to make the hob gear spring loaded. There are plans for these mods on Of course that is a bit of a project, but not too bad. 

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