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Extruder filament drive doesn't turn

Extruder filament drive doesn't turn.  Using Simplfy3d and while manual moves function, manual extrusion does not.  Can push filament through heated extruder fine but the drive wheel doesn't feed filament.  Same for both extruders,  Have had the printer for a long time without ever being able to print !@!!

Did you try to tighten the drive gear in the extruder?

Yes, It was tight.

You many need to readjust the drive gear so that it is tighter so it will grip the filament. Does the drive gear/motor turn when you try and extrude? If it is not turning then check the connector on the back of the stepper motor to make sure it is pushed in all the way. If the stepper is not moving and the connector is plugged in correctly then you will need to contact support. You may need a new stepper motor.

It is tight.  Even without filament it will not turn on command to extrude or retract.  The drive gear motor shaft does not turn on command to extrude or retract.  THe connector appears to be in tight.  I have contacted support; they are working on the ticket.  I doubt that it is a stepper motor problem as both of them are experiencing the same problem; it is highly unlikely that both steppers are shot out of the box.  It is more likely a controller issue, but we'll see what tech support has to say.

Thanks for your input.

Hi Stephen - were you able to get an answer from tech support for this issue? I believe I am having the exact same problem that you had encountered.

- Extrude/retract functionality is not working in Simplify3D

- The drive gear Motor shaft doesn't turn on command

- The COM connector is tight; all other functions that are delivered from the Software to the printer controller through the COM connector DO function

- I also doubt that this is a stepper Motor Problem and my drive gear is also tight

Is this a controller issues? Or possibly a  problem with the Motor overheating? I have tried disconnecting and re-connecting all of the printer COM functions. Really hoping I can avoid taking apart the stepper Motors :)

Thanks for the help!

Nvm - we discovered the issue; apparently somewhere in the software coding there are commands that disable the extrude/retract functionality below some given temperature. We think that this min. extruder temperature variable, that this command is based on, is set in the range of 180 - 190 deg C. When we set the Extruder temperature above 190 deg C the extrude/retract functionality comes back.

If anyone encounters this problem, make sure to check this first. I am not sure where in the motor control code that this command exists; it would be useful to know as there are some low-temperature Filament applications that are already out on the market/in development; so it would be great to know how to change this min. Extruder temp variable.


Del M

My Leapfrog Dual firmware has:


Have never played with the setting.

the #define EXTRUDE_MINTEMP 150 command  is used in order to prevent any potential damage to the hot ends. Basically to prevent cold extrusion.

Tot that end the drive units will not be enabled until that min temperature is reached.

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