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Creatr wiring Fan


I want to install a separate fan on the creatr to control the cooling of my parts.

In the first step I want to test it with the present fan, but you can not adjust it on the Repetier Software.

The Gcode M106 (fan on) don't work at this fan.

So my question is at which pins I have to connect a new fan to control it?


The fans on the extruders are connected directly to the power supply and can't be controlled. I've attached the info that matches my printer that shows the connection points for a nozzle cooling fan.

[posted at 6:15AM Central Time, January 12, 2015, Minneapolis, Minnesota]


 Hello Robert,

thanks for your fast replay.

You have the Leapfrog electronic board and I have the older arduino mega 2560. 

At one website they write something about a connection at D9 to control a fan or something.

RAMPS1_4 laser upgrade

I found this after I search after the gcode M106 to adjust the rpm of the fan.

Unfortunately it don't work. There is no power at this connection.

If you have any idea please let me know.

The last hours I test a bit and at D9 there is no power, whatever I do.
I found here a update of the firmware, after a long time, not so easy to find.

I check the firmware, with my low skills in coding and find the command for the fan

#if FAN_PIN > -1
case 106: //M106 Fan On
if (code_seen('S')){
else {
case 107: //M107 Fan Off
FanSpeed = 0;
#endif //FAN_PIN

After the update I check again if something happens at D9...unfortunately no.
So I think I need a wiring diagram of my arduino and the ramps.
I ask the support team for it or has anybody a solution for me!?


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