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10 - 50 microns prints? - Creatr HS

Hi. We are thinking about buying a Creatr HS but we haven't found any photo of prints at the highest layer resolution of thus machine. Anyone that have printed something at high resolution whiling to share some photos? Thanks!

may i ask for what projects you'd like to use the printer ?
I myself own a Creatr HS and didn't use a layer resolution below .05mm ever.
The change in print quality is not extreme, however the smaller layers work better for overhangs or parts like custom made Legos.
The following picture shows a lego connector (the white one), which is printed on a Creatr HS, you see just some tiny grooves with your eye, my smartphone camera (14mp) wasn't able to focus on such a small distance so that you can see these grooves.
I think this was made with 0,02 or 0,05mm layer height.

If you are planning to print round holes and expect a higher resolution to get you better holes that might be right, but you'd need to rework any hole on a 3D print with an electric drill anyways.
The next picture shows printed connectors with M3 nuts (the smaller connectors are ~30mm in length, 12mm height and 6mm depth) thats all printed with 0,1mm height and i pressed the nuts in the hexagonal hole with a vice and they fit perfectly.

I hope that helps you a little, even if the connectors seem to have much and big grooves the parts are very smooth, it just looks like grooves because the filament is transparent.
If you could tell me what you are planning with the Creatr HS i can give you more advises on wether the high layer resolution is good for that parts or not.


I don't own an HS but didn't think anyone was going to respond so I drew a little "vase" part last night (so it would show some surface detail) and printed it on my Creatr Dual. It's only rated for a minimum layer thickness of 50 microns but I printed this part at 25 microns. I print most of my parts at 150 microns, sometimes at 100.

Marius is correct, it depends on what you expect to achieve with such a fine layer thickness.
Keep in mind that the nozzle diameter is still 350 microns so that will be a limitation on how small any features can be.


Robert your Creatr Dual is tuned up real nice.. Great print? You gotta share your print settings and your calibration secrets! I love my Creatr Dual I still run it all the time. Seriously though I want your print settings :)


I'm willing to share but not sure if I have any secrets :-)
Although I have Simplify 3D I usually use Kisslicer. Mostly because Kiss seems to handle thin walls better, but S3D is getting better.

The other thing is I really like the filament I've been using lately. I'm on my second order of ABS. (The little vase is ABS.) I hesitate to say what it is here only because it isn't Maxx.

I still have some issues with Z banding. Not horrible but you can see it in the vase in the right light. I finally got my bed temperature to be rock solid but that didn't help that problem, so on to the next tweak!

If you want to give me your email I will share any details. Or give me a PM on one of the other forums such as the S3D forum. I usually go by Festus440. 

I emailed you Robert.

Didn't see any emails.
Try my account.
The user name is bob.eaton


Hi S. Sucho - Neotko,

Did you get the feedback that you wanted?

Do you need another perspective?

For some metric here are some points which can be considered one way of measuring the Manufacturers performance:

1. Look at the forums especially at Leapfrog and others to see how 'satisfied' the customers are - this could be you.

2. Look for how responsive, proactive, informative questions are replied to here or anywhere.

3. How active are the forums?

4. Be VERY CLEAR about what you intend to use the printer for; ask other users for their experience

5. Looking at pictures of printed parts will give you a very one sided understanding of the printer and the manufacturer - you need to understand what it takes to make any print and it is typically far far from plug and play.  There can be times when you get lucky and it works without any problems and other times you can spend hours getting the printer to produce one particular part.

6. GO and SEE the printers working, take in a number of samples and have them print them to show how well the machine can handle printing based on default settings without 'adjustment / tweaking' 

7. While it is fun though I intend to use mine for commercial purposes given the investment price tag it is not simply a hobby.

8. There is a significant investment of time required to become 'intimately' familiar with any printer to understand how to get the best out of it.

I will add some more points as they come to mind later.



Regarding prints made on 20 micron settings this is a example of a print I made and adjusted the settings myself I apologise if the quality of the photos is not very clear I took them with my phone but I printed this model 3 times and got the same result I am quite happy with the quality of the print and I am still adjusting the settings to see if I can print it at a higher speed.

That looks really nice. A shame leapfrog wasnt able to provide example photos. Wedid just bough an UM. Thanks a lot anyway


Any chance you would be willing to share the settings you used for your 20 micron print?

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