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Leapfrog does not move manually


I bought a Leapfrog dual extruder, and installed the software.

There are a few problems, i don't know to fix,

First of all, when I want to manually move my printer, it doesn't move. 
Only the extruder and the printbed will heat. 

Secondly, when I slice with Slic3r, the printer says he is printing, but nothing happends?

I don't know what to do yet, maybe someone can help me?

A least, sorry for the bad English :(

Do you speak french ?

With Simplify3D software you have this option :

and if you activate this you can move X-Y-Z manually. Search in Slic3r same option...

I don't speak French. 

I found the same button, but I can't move manually. 
Yesterday I spoke with somebody from Leapfrog, and probably the board is broken down. 

Hello Jeroens,

I have also purchased a Leapfrog Creatr HS (Dual Extruder) last year however I had to wait 3months before it was delivered.

I do not know of Slic3r but use Simplify 3D which came with the printer..

I am not sure if it a going to be a common problem but after testing and trying to get repeatable performance out of my printer over the last 2 weeks without reasonable success - I have been told that there is a problem with my motherboard.  Leapfrog have now shipped a replacement motherboard (I assume) so I will see if this fixes the problem and also if this is the same issue?

Once I have (hopefully) fixed this I will report back and advise of the result.

Leapfrog are shipping a replacement so I wonder if your Creatr HS (Dual Extruder) has a similar problem.

My original problem started when prints sent from the PC to the Printer via the USB cable that came with the printer kept loosing connectivity and causing prints to fail - a final test which resulted in my PC being completely unable to connect to the Printer prompted Leapfrog to advise that they are



Hey David your message got cut off... Can you describe more about how the USB connection was causing issues and then eventually just wouldn't work at all.. I work for Leapfrog and I have an HS doing the same thing to me right now. I can't get it to connect at all.


Hi Brandon,

Nice to hear from a fellow Creatr HS user and sad to hear that you have the same problem.

Since it seemed to be a little off topic to this thread I created a new one called: 

Printer Error - FIRMWARE UNRESPONSIVE (PC - Printer connection lost / broken)

In this same area "Constructive Criticism & Complaints"

I would hope that working for Leapfrog that you have access to the information / people to resolve this issue.

Just out of curiousity, are you getting the error message on you slicer program (what is it?)



No error message.. It was just procedural and I was being impatient as usual (LoL), it is working great now... I think a lot people get tripped up on the cumbersome steps. However I am printing really nice prints. I worked with CNC, Vinyl Cutters, and Wide Format printers that used USB as an interface for a long time. USB is difficult at best especially now when you have some many different Operating Systems that are relevant and you have to be compatible with all of them.

In my experience it is important to make sure of the following when using any USB device:

-Never connect through a USB hub

-Never use a USB extension cable, try to use the OEM cable (especially with the HS)

-Make sure you don't have a worn USB port often times people don't notice this with devices like Mice and Keyboard but a lot of times USB ports are fragile and when you are streaming data to a 3d printer a moment of temporary disconnect will cause issue. It doesn't have to fall out it just has to loose conductivity on one of the USB contacts and its over (my laptop has the loosest slots.. LoL)

-Also because a lot of devices use the USB to Serial configuration you have to know your computer can actually cause resource conflicts if you have a lot of other USB devices connected.

-USB carrys electric current a lot of people don't realize this and on older computers when their power supplies start to die or malfunction your USB devices can actually get a good surge.. Power leak or short, basically really bad for any USB device connected.

Just a few things off the top of my head... Good luck out there!


Hello David,

Thanks for you comment, it seems we have the similar problem!

A few days ago I spoke with Leapfrog, and they checked all the settings on my computer with Teamview.

Everything was alright, so they decided to send an new motherboard. 

I hope to receive it soon, then I will report back.



Hello David,

A few times ago I received my new board. 

The printer does move manual now.

How is yours doing?

Greetz Jeroen

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