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Soft filament adapter


here is my adapter to allow printing with soft filaments ( like PVA or ninjaflex) this stops the filament from squashing out from the extruder drive wheel, and then the filament cannot go anywhere else but into the extruder. OK results are still not perfect but it works somewhat OK with a 0.5mm nozzle and very slow movement ( <1000mm/min)

(7.02 MB)

Thank you very much for your post, Marc!

I have a friend that printed one of these on his own last week and it performs so much better then our original design... He came up with it on his own then I saw this post, our users really are very smart folks.


Hi Marc,

so far i was able to print Ninjaflex with 12mm/s (720mm/min) with no addition on a 0,35mm nozzle, did you figure the maximum print speed (aswell as best temperature for fast printing) out ?
How did you make that addapter ? I'd guess you contacted an industrial buisness with a precise CNC machine, but maybe you have found another -cheaper- way.
Also did you ever concider making a stainless steel nozzle ? A stainless steel nozzle is a must-have for printing carbonfiber filaments as the fiber will "scratch" onto the nozzle and extend it's size over time.

Kind regards,



Hi marius

no I did not do any further test yet with ninjaflex, I think results will be better when cooling it from both sides ( not only from the one side), I also made a new cooler nozzle ( see my other posts) but I didnt try it yet on ninjaflex. I made my adapter myself on my Lathe, it is not super precise but good enough. I hear some people also printed it. Mine is metal.  When the drive wheel is exactly aligned with the hole it can work without adapter somewhat. I got a sample of the semiflex but the filament is not much more rigid, the parts are 2x more hard than the normal ninjaflex. I tried the PCPTE, it works well but it is very hard and only flexible when 1or 2 wall thicknesses otherwise it is hard.

Turning a nozzle is a bit too precise for me. I would like to have teflon coated nozzles. I have tried carbon fibre PLA but it clogs very often on 0.35. I am waiting for my 0.5 now. I saw a survey where most people use 0.4. this might be a good middle size? 

happy printing

Hi Marc,
thanks for the response, really helpfull.
I'll try making one of these adapters.

Kind regards,



 Hi All,

did anyone tried a 0.4 nozzle with this adapter so far?

Kind regards,


I use it on the 0.35mm also, i find not so good for ninjaflex ( even slower) but everything else OK

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