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print/temp/cooling problems

I had placed a support ticket but yhe anser i've got was't sattisfaing or solved my problem. Anyone got a suggestion?. Below is the Original request text.

First off all i don't have much experience with 3D printing and at the moment i am not abel too get a deasend print. After reading the manual 1 have 2 quenstians.

1// When i start up de machine and before i'going to print a object, bold fans at the extruders are already running. Is this normal?

2// i've measured the temp. off bold extruders with a external device(termokoppel) directly at the heather elements. The temp. is 25 a 30 Celsius degrees lower than the set temp. in Rep-host and also in Simplify3D

Răduţa D.

zei 2 dagen geleden

Dear Ed,

Thank you for contacting our technical support team! Is normal for both fan extruders to start when you turn the printer on. The temperature it showed in Simplify 3D is the right temperature and the one you should use for printing.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Thank you for choosing Leapfrog 3D printers

Răduţa D.| Leapfrog Technical Support Team

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The fans in front of the extruders always run. Although they don't need to run when the hot end is cold, they DO need to be running when the extruder heater is turned off to prevent the plastic filament above the hot end from melting and causing a jam. They could have gotten fancy and put some type of temperature sensing circuit on them but of course that would have added additional cost.

Unless you take your temperature measurement on the inside of the hot end, in the same position as the hot end's thermistor, you will read a lower temperature.


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  • Extrude at ~ 225o C.
  • Requires heated bed.
  • Works reasonably well without cooling.
  • Adheres best to polyimide tape.
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  • More flexible.
  • Can be bonded using adhesives or solvents(Acetone or MEK).
  • Fumes are unpleasent in enclosed areas.
  • Oil Based.
  • Extrude at ~ 180-225o C.
  • Benefits from heated bed.
  • Benefits greatly from cooling while printing.
  • Adheres well to a variety of surfaces.
  • Finer feature detail possible on a well calibrated machine.
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