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Creater Dual extruder with Simplafi3d dosn't print (very slow movment)


Can any one help with this problem :

Creater Dual extruder with Simplafi3d dosn't print (very slow movment) 

Thanks Amnon

Can you try printing the attached file? Does the same issue occur? 

Did you ever get this issue fixed? If so what was the answer?

Thanks for sharing!


Hey Amnon,

I am also curious if you have fixed the issue.

I am having the same problem currently in my Creatr Dual Extruder running Simplify3D v2.2.2. My temporary fix is to currently remove the M201 g-code. Under 'Edit Process Settings' --> 'Script' delete the line with M201 code. This seems to be a temporary fix. I have already opened a ticket but it seems that the Support Team thinks it's an endswitch problem...........God knows why. 

Maybe you could try to delete the M201 code and see if it works for you too? Or if you had better luck in figuring the root of the problem?


Joe Trisnadi

Hey Amnon, 

thank you for contacting Leapfrog Support. I have attached a new beta version of the firmware for the Creatr Dual, which should fix the issue. It also adds dual temperature reporting.

By the way, M202, which is in the start up script, is not used in our firmware anymore so can be removed. Actually the M201 can also be removed since those settings are now correct in the firmware.

You can use the standard M500-M503 Marlin commandos to check the EEPROM and memory settings:

// M500 - stores paramters in EEPROM

// M501 - reads parameters from EEPROM (if you need reset them after you changed them temporarily).

// M502 - reverts to the default "factory settings", hardcoded in the firmware. You still need to store them in EEPROM afterwards if you want to.

// M503 - print the current settings (from memory not from eeprom)

Please use the Classic Arduino to upload:

1.0.6: Windows Installer

Make sure you add the correct extruder offset in Configuration.h before uploading, which often can be found on a sticker on the bottom of the printer.

Let me know if this resolves the issue.

Kind regards,

Pim Rutgers

Software Engineer



not sure where the problem comes from but maybe check here:

(show advanced setting of a material)

the overall speed may be set too low? ->other -> speeds

also you have a cooling setting that slows down the speed for small objects but this should not affect travelling when not printing. ->cooling ->speed overrides

maybe install new firmware

did fw fix it?

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