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  Hi all!

  Im going to receive my Creatr HS soon, and I was just wondering if Builder provided by Materialise will be available for download or test soon on the portal?  

  On the Materialise site they just have the page there you can submit the download of the software, but it looks like you have to be a company to complete the request. 

  Can you provide with more info on how to get the Builder for private user?


 Now I have an update.

 Materialise replayed on email, saying: "It is Leapfrog’s responsibility to inform you about the software solution they can offer".




hi. yes I was also wondering when it will be available

Does anybody know when the Materialise software will become availible?

Anybody interested, the wait is over. Materialize is now available: Leapfrog Materialise Download Page

Thank you for you support,

how can I acquire a CCKey or voucher code?

thanx in advance

Has anyone tried out materialise vs simplify3d? Is it superior in any way? Is materialise a free download for everyone?

I just quickly looked into the materialise yesterday. installed it OK, launch OK. but then WTF, this is the dummies version or what? no parameters whatsoever, no nozzle diameter, no materials, no speed, you basically cannot adjust anything. today I launch it again and it asks some voucher or registration... I certainly expected more from materialise, but maybe i just didnt see it? I didnt print either, just checked the software. so maybe there is more somewhere else? I certainly hope so...

just looked a bit closer and in the manual , I found the nozzle dia and new material configs. But I doubt I will pay for it since I have simplify3d already, unless it really prints better now..

Regarding the Materialise voucher, for now you will have to:

- make a ticket and address it to the order and shipping department and mention it is a voucher request and provide your e-mail address;

- my colleagues will arrange for a voucher for Materialise once the payment for the software is received, which you will receive on your e-mail address;

For now this is what you must do but we are working on making this process accessible right from the website so you won`t have to open a ticket or contact anyone.

Once the website version will be up and running we will make sure to post the information.

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