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noisy fan fix


Finally had enough of the jet like fan noise that was constantly running over the hot ends. 

So this is how i solved it. 

I cut out the center part of the aluminum bracket, this is meant to work as a cover for the fan, but in reality quite useless. Also, since it situated at such a close proximity to the fan, it created a fair deal of "air" noise, actually, it is the sole provider of noise in this construction. Run the fan freely and it is barely making any sound. 

Leapfrog has solved the noise issue with a set of 0.8mm washers between the aluminum bracket and the fan. I noticed a hell of a difference by mounting the fan straight ti the bracket, the noise got even worse. 

Any how, I decided to cut out the center, leaving me with a perfectly circular hole circa 40 mm diameter, mounted in this case two 12v fans on each side of the bracket (this was all I had) and a digital voltage regulator. The regulator measures the "out" voltage to the fans. 

In my case 10 v was quite sufficient to create a similar air flow compared to the old system. Now I can regulate the fan speed down to aprox 7.5 v 

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