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spool holder

New HS owner here.

So when I load the spools into the creator they do not seem stable...

The creatr HS has narrow axles and the provided spools have very wide center hubs.

The spools float around and I believe cause some feed issues because they knock into each other and they unravel a bit and extra filament gets wound around the bottom of the spool and does not feed nicely.

I must be doing something wrong unless there is need for an adapter for the spool hub...

Dont have this issue on my other cartesian printers as the feed from outside the unit but this is different...


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I've had similar problems, especially with new spools that uses the entire depth of the spool, the filament simply falls down under the spool. If you're printing a smaller item, then it's normally not a problem, but for larger items it can in most cases create jamming. 

I normally hang a new spool under the printer, at least until I've used up a couple of meters of filament. 

Found this on Thingiverse, not ideal for HS, since it's made for the dual, but maybe it can be as inspiration for a similar solution to the HS.

I've seen some  solutions for the Creatr, where the spools are situated on top of the machine, but it's a bit trickier with the HS, small radius bends and Bowden tubing generally don't mix.

Here is spool guide the the older version Creatr, perhaps this can be used on the HS as well.

Unfortunately they aren't stable at all, you are right. This one seems to be a viable solution though:.vertical spool holder on thingiverse

(I'd simplify it a bit, this one requires too much support)
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