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dual printing temperature problem


I am just trying printing with both extruders for 2 colors. 

I noticed that simplify3D software has a problem.

You can choose 2 different material settings to print the 2 different colors, but if you do not set the same temperature in both settings for the same nozzle it will go cold when not printing and also it will not heat up before printing in that color. so it will start printing with a cold extruder ( which does not work) 

but if you set both temperature to full setting it is too hot and the extruder with ooze when not printing ( too hot) or the material will burn/go bad. and make ugly stripes little pieces of the other material. 

anyone know how to set this?

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1) In Simplify 3D - click on your FFF file in the lower left (if one's not available, add one).

2) Go into temperature settings and choose the right extruder in the left panel.

3) You can set the recommended temperature for the filament loaded in the right extruder.

4) Make sure to select the option "Wait for temperature controller to stabilize before beginning build"

(see all of that in the following image)

5) Then choose the Left Extruder in the left-hand panel.

6) Change the temperature to a different temp according to the recommended temperature of the filament that you have loaded in the left extruder. If you don't need this filament for several layers, still have it preheat to the minimum recommended temperature on layer 1, but add an additional Setpoint to warm it by the time the print reaches a specific layer.

See if that helps!

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