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Wear resistant nozzle


I'm looking for a nozzle wear-resistant.

I found on the net but I do not know if these nozzles are compatible with the Creatr.

These are "MK8" nozzles, compatible with all "replicator" Makerbot. Can I use them with my Creatr?


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Unfortunately, I have not found.

I had to buy a different brand of 3D printer :-(


I also need better nozzles. I cannot find any for creatr. I will have some made of stainless steel from a company, i hope they last longer. If this is still not good enough I will see to make some of even harder metal.

Carbon fiber and metalfill filaments destroy a brass nozzle in a few hours or days.

Let us know if you can find em on internet

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Filament Guide

  • Extrude at ~ 225o C.
  • Requires heated bed.
  • Works reasonably well without cooling.
  • Adheres best to polyimide tape.
  • Filament tolerances are usually tighter.
  • Prone to cracking, delamination, and wraping.
  • More flexible.
  • Can be bonded using adhesives or solvents(Acetone or MEK).
  • Fumes are unpleasent in enclosed areas.
  • Oil Based.
  • Extrude at ~ 180-225o C.
  • Benefits from heated bed.
  • Benefits greatly from cooling while printing.
  • Adheres well to a variety of surfaces.
  • Finer feature detail possible on a well calibrated machine.
  • Prone to curling of corners and overhangs.
  • More brittle.
  • Can be bonded using adhesives.
  • More pleasant smell when extruded.
  • Plant Based.

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