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Materialise Voucher


does anybody know how to us the Materialise or get the voucher if I bought the printer one month before the official launch of Materialize?

Thanks for your help.

Good luck - I asked too and they want $125 EU for Materialise.

I was told I would be given the software but no deal :-(

What kills me is I had alerady bought simplify 3d before I bought the leapfrog - so now I have an unused S3D license and will have to buy a Materialise voucher if I want that.

Not sure if it is worth it

I have asked aus well the sales Hotline and got a very customer focused answer....: "You have the printer now for half year and now you're mailing about the Materliase software? We announced Materialise in January but it was not directly available with the printers. You should have received Simplify3D with your HS." What the guy didn't know was that I have asked leapfrog already at the announcement day If my printer will get it as my printer was not delivered yet...... The answer was: no still simplify will be delivered but Materialise will be available in March. I will not pay for it, the software needs some major improvements and advantages against simplify which I can't say at this time. So let's work with what we have, just for everybody: I have had so many troubles with Leapfrog support that I would never again buy one. And that software icost 125 bucks is joke, will it convert the print into gold? Thanks Leapfrog for your customer intimacy and support, your competition is minimum two head ahead! Don't miss the train .....

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Bonjour, Je souhaite obtenir mon VOUCHER CODE pour l'utilisation du logiciel creatr 2.1. Pouvez vous m'aider s'il vous plait? Cordialement
I received my Creatr HS XL today, installing Materialise aks me for the voucher code which should be distributed with the 3D printer; can't find it, where should it be??

The code should have been present on a A4 sheet of paper inside the paper envelope delivered with the printer.

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