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filament drive unit stopped working

hi all,

my left filament drive unit has stopped working, instead of turning to load or unload the filament it is just juddering backwards and forwards.
my right one is fine, seems really strange to me. help please!
attached is a video of this.

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I see that you have sevaral tickets on which my colleagues are waiting for a reply. My question is if you have addressed this issue in any of the tickets and if you have could you give me the ticket number and I will review the case.

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Filament Guide

  • Extrude at ~ 225o C.
  • Requires heated bed.
  • Works reasonably well without cooling.
  • Adheres best to polyimide tape.
  • Filament tolerances are usually tighter.
  • Prone to cracking, delamination, and wraping.
  • More flexible.
  • Can be bonded using adhesives or solvents(Acetone or MEK).
  • Fumes are unpleasent in enclosed areas.
  • Oil Based.
  • Extrude at ~ 180-225o C.
  • Benefits from heated bed.
  • Benefits greatly from cooling while printing.
  • Adheres well to a variety of surfaces.
  • Finer feature detail possible on a well calibrated machine.
  • Prone to curling of corners and overhangs.
  • More brittle.
  • Can be bonded using adhesives.
  • More pleasant smell when extruded.
  • Plant Based.

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