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Firmware for Creator HS

I would like to change some settings in the firmware, does anyone have the source?

Please contact me at

Many thanks,


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  When you change settings in firmware you will loose the warranty printer. 

Dear Rudy de Geus,

As my colleague mentioned any alteration you will make to the firmware of the Creatr HS printer will result in the loss of the warranty. 

The reason the firmware is provided in .hex file format is so that customers do not alter the parameters in the firmware which could result in the inadequate performance of the machine.

Would you midn telling use the reason you want to modify the firmware? Is there something wrong with your HS printer?

The problem i encounter, is the noise and heat made bij the stepper motors. (x and y movement) They probably are set on the max power for the these motors. This is ok for average use, but i would like to reduce the currents, and this printer uses digital potmeters to regulate the current on the steppers. Which are adressable in the firmware.

Ofcourse i understand the fact of "closed" firmware, but maybe you can send me a version with reduced stepper driver settings?




Same problem here.

In the old Creatr you could adjust the current to fine tune the steppers.

Another thing to look into is the juddering of the extruder steppers with small detailed prints.
To my opinion this has something to do with retraction settings or acceleration settings.

Hello, I want to have a copy of the source of the latest firmware from the Creatr HS. If I do not fall, it is under GPL license, and I can ask for a copy. My printer is no longer under warranty, and I take responsibility for changing the firmware. Thank you for giving me a download link, or e-mail me the file.

Dear Dherbecourt Thierry,

Normally such request must be made through a support ticket so in the future please do so;


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