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Installation windows 10


I try to use a Leapfrog on Windows 10 and feel a bit overwhelmed with the quantity of information of the manual.

Mine looks like a Creatr HS and has two extruders but no screen on the printer.

I installed the last version of Arduino and the Repetier Host for Leapfrog.

Can I use the last version of the Arduino software?

It seems that some manual commands must be entered to install the driver, isn't there any video that could help me with this part; I am not used to these manual commands.

Any help would be welcome.

Thank you,

Can I use Cura with a Leapfrog?

Is there any advantage of using Curaslicer instead of Slic3r? and if it is the case, how do I insert it into repetier?

Regarding your questions about slicing software and the Creatr HS.

Using Cura , Slicer, Magics, etc is possible as long as you only generate the gcode in order to print it in stand alone mode.

However trying to use one of these open source slicing software to connect your PC to your printer will not be possible.

The only slicing software which can connect you HS printer to the PC is Simplify 3D or the Creatr software powered by Materialise.

The problem is Leapfrog does not support any other software besides Simplify 3D and the mentioned Creatr software so there are no available print profiles for the HS printer for Cura, Slicer, etc.

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Filament Guide

  • Extrude at ~ 225o C.
  • Requires heated bed.
  • Works reasonably well without cooling.
  • Adheres best to polyimide tape.
  • Filament tolerances are usually tighter.
  • Prone to cracking, delamination, and wraping.
  • More flexible.
  • Can be bonded using adhesives or solvents(Acetone or MEK).
  • Fumes are unpleasent in enclosed areas.
  • Oil Based.
  • Extrude at ~ 180-225o C.
  • Benefits from heated bed.
  • Benefits greatly from cooling while printing.
  • Adheres well to a variety of surfaces.
  • Finer feature detail possible on a well calibrated machine.
  • Prone to curling of corners and overhangs.
  • More brittle.
  • Can be bonded using adhesives.
  • More pleasant smell when extruded.
  • Plant Based.

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