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I'm using a CreatrHS with Materialise and I'm printing Gcode with USB Stick.

Oftenly, printer don't start to print at the place I've planed in Materialise.

- I'm starting printer.

- I make an home positioning

- I'm loading Gcode from stick.

Then, Creatr start to print object at a random position (sometime, it tries to go out of printing area).

I'm pretty sure the problem doesn't come from software.

- I shut down Creatr.

- restart it, home positioning, start Gcode.

- then, it prints at good position.

Firmware seems to be the last one available (1.4.5c).

Any idea of what I should do ?


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Could you upload a picture of the way you set up the model in the build area in Materialise?

Did you make sure you selected the proper printer in the build processor and loaded the platform for the proper printer?

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